The furlough scheme was introduced last year by the Government to help businesses pay staff wages and help keep unemployment figures down.

The scheme has changed slightly since it was introduced by and there are suggestions that it’s been open to widespread abuse by company owners.

Reports have suggested that up to £3.5 Billion has been claimed fraudulently or in error by the Government.

We have had a number of enquiries from business owners who have been contacted by the HMRC who suspect they have been paid wrong, either by fraud or incorrectly.

If you have claimed a furlough grant incorrectly then you need to let HMRC know within 90 days of receiving it.

If you have claimed furlough dishonestly or with inaccurate information then you are going to face serious penalties and even legal action.

Mistakes happen and if you think you have inadvertently claimed too much furlough or HMRC have been in touch then 1st Business Rescue can help you deal with their enquiry and assist in any negotiations.

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