How to strike off a company

If your company has no debts and no assets and you want to close the company, a strike-off can be the easiest and most cost-effective way of closing your business.

It’s the process of removing your company from the register at Companies House, once this is complete your company no longer exists.

The process is very straightforward –

You complete and submit a DS01 form to Companies House and as long as no one objects your company is dissolved and no longer exists.

It will take 3 months and during that time a notice will be advertised in the London gazette informing the public of the intention to strike the company off and if no one objects the company is dissolved.

I’ll drop the link in the comments to the website to start the process.


There is a new law being passed to stop directors from dissolving a company that has taken a bounce-back loan.

If you have taken a bounce back loan and attempt to dissolve the company without paying it back you will land yourself in BIG trouble.

If you are worried about how you’re going to pay your bounce-back loan back, get in touch for some confidential and free advice.

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