We offer specialist advice and services across a wide range of business rescue and insolvency procedures. Our focus is on you, the director and ensuring you get the best possible advice to protect you, your assets and your company.

Our team of business rescue and insolvency consultants have dealt first hand with all sizes of companies in every possible situation. We offer a free initial consultation to establish the best way forward for you. It’s important for any director who is considering insolvency to understand everything upfront, not just the process of insolvency but if there are any pitfalls or implications to them personally should their company enter into an insolvency procedure.

Our advice is honest and we will uncover any potential problems upfront and find a solution for you to deal with them.

What Makes 1st Business Rescue Different

What sets 1st Business Rescue apart from other insolvency practitioners is our focus and approach.

Our first step is to establish any implications and potential issues that you may face as the Director, for example, overdrawn directors loan accounts, personal guarantees and such like. We ensure that your exit strategy is tailored specifically for your circumstances to give you the best possible outcome – protecting you is our top priority.

The next step is to assess the business issues and find the best way forward. Rest assured that whatever challenge you are currently facing, 1st Business Rescue will have encountered it before and will know exactly how to help. There are a variety of packages and procedures that we can tailor to you and your business’s specific needs.

We believe that a director needs to understand their position fully, upfront with no surprises down the line. That is why we take great care in detailing all of the options available to you, the implications that they have to you as the director and our recommendations for a way forward that will result in the best possible outcome for you.

What You Need To Do Next

Our experience shows time is of the essence. To get you and your business the best possible outcome, it’s important to get your questions answered and a strategy in place early on.

The sooner you get help, the better the outcome will be. 100% of our clients wished they had called us sooner!

If you have any doubts, concerns, or worries about your business, don’t think you’re wasting our time, we are happy to give you some free advice to put your mind at ease.