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If you’re on this page, then you’ve identified that your business may have a problem and we should talk straight away – the more you put it off, the greater risk you’re taking.

Our initial focus is on you, the director, as we strive to protect you, your assets, and your company in uncertain times. We will advise you on how to restructure your finances to give your business the best possible chance of survival.


preferential creditor payback

Alternatively, if this is the end of the road for your business in its current format, we can advise you on how to close the company down in a legal and structured manner or how to start your business again with a pre-pack liquidation.

If you’re experiencing financial difficulty, talk to us now, before you do ANYTHING else.

  • Don’t put more money into your business
  • Don’t take more credit on
  • Don’t make your people redundant
  • Don’t borrow any more money.

Talk to us

We’ll advise you on the best route forward, and the best way you can protect yourself, the business you’ve worked so hard to build, and the lives of the people you love.

Even if you think it’s the end of the road, there are still options available.

If you think your business really is at the end of the road, then please don’t assume that there’s nothing else that can be done – if you’re going to close your company, you need to do it in a legal and structured manner to protect yourself personally, while causing the least amount of stress and long-term financial damage for you and your family.

We can help make that happen.

Your survival strategy

When you’re struggling financially, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees and look at the big picture.

Too many directors just ‘keep on keeping on’, without taking objective advice from a professional, and the result is that as time goes on, the issues and problems within the business compound, and the financial difficulties just get worse and worse. A lot of directors don’t realise they could be breaking the law and making creditors’ positions worse by not taking advice.

When a business encounters financial difficulty, perhaps due to a drop in sales or bad debt having a negative effect on cash flow, it may not always be obvious that urgent help is needed. It is common for directors to be too close to a problem to see it objectively. In such instances, failing to take swift action can compound the issues and cause the business to deteriorate beyond repair.
When you talk to 1st Business Rescue, we’ll look objectively at your situation, identify your problems, and help you formulate a survival strategy that protects you, your assets, and your family.

Before borrowing or injecting more personal funds into your business give us a call. We take an objective view of the business and will identify its problems and help formulate a survival strategy, whether that’s company rescue or company closure.

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The sooner you speak to a business rescue expert, the better the potential outcome.

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